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SAFMEDS VS. TAFMEDS: Best ABA Study practices

For many behavior analysts in training, utilizing SAFMEDS or TAFMEDS along with mock exams and an ABA study app contributes to a well-rounded, thorough preparation for the BCBA exam.

SAFMEDS are more well-known in the world of Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, and are used often by those studying for the big BCBA exam. And these ABA students know that efficient learning is key to mastering complex principles and terminology.

Two techniques, SAFMEDS and TAFMEDS, are two very important and efficient ABA study tools that help improve fluency with ABA terms. But what sets them apart, and which one might be right for you? Let's explore the differences and benefits between SAFMEDS and TAFMEDS.

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Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled

  • Verbal Fluency: SAFMEDS emphasizes fluency in the verbal repertoire. By practicing speaking the terms or concepts as quickly as possible, learners improve their understanding and retention.

  • Traditional Approach: It's akin to traditional flashcards, and an ability to shuffle on your own so it's truly random. Some people like to hold the physical product in their hands.

  • Visual-Auditory Learning: SAFMEDS primarily engages the visual and auditory learning channels, making it ideal for those who excel in these areas. Some like to speak and hear the terms to improve their fluency and better recall them.


Type All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled

  • Typing Proficiency: TAFMEDS takes a different approach by focusing on typing the terms or concepts swiftly. This helps build fluency in the same response topography as taking the actual exam. Studying on the computer or device when you take the actual exam on a computer is an ideal study arrangement. Beyond the exam, you will likely be typing your behavior plans on the computer in the future, so TAFMEDS will benefit you for years to come.

  • More Convenient than SAFMEDS: No need to worry about your cards getting coffee spilled on them, or getting bent when sitting at the bottom of your bag. You can access your TAFMEDS at any computer, and they will never wear out or get lost.

  • Shhh! Sometimes you might like to study while at the office or on public transport during your commute. Saying ABA terms aloud around other people might not be your jam. TAFMEDS is a quiet learning tool, with just the clacking of your keyboard keeping you company.

  • Visual-Typing Learning: TAFMEDS primarily engages the visual-typing learning channel, making it ideal for individuals who want to reinforce their typing skills and be more adept in the digital workspace.

ABA Wizard's TAFMEDS product logo


The choice between SAFMEDS and TAFMEDS often comes down to personal preference and the skills you want to develop. If you're looking to build verbal fluency and enhance your spoken communication skills, SAFMEDS might be your best option. On the other hand, if you want to excel in the digital realm, where typing proficiency is crucial, TAFMEDS is a game-changer.

Ultimately, the decision is yours, and both techniques can be powerful additions to your ABA learning toolkit. You may even decide to purchase both methods to try them out. Remember that the most effective learning strategy is one that aligns with your individual strengths and goals. So, whether you choose SAFMEDS, TAFMEDS, or even both, you're on the path to mastering the world of behavior analysis.

Click here to learn more about ABA Wizard's TAFMEDS and why it might be better than SAFMEDS.

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