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ABA Wizard

The best BCBA® study app on the market.

The most affordable and popular ABA Study app 


4.8 Stars by over 3.8K reviewers.

rated 4.8 stars on the app store

Prepare for your BCBA® test with ease using the ABA Wizard Study App - the ultimate study companion for BCBAs® and BCaBAs®!

Say goodbye to expensive study materials and bulky study notes. No more lugging around your Cooper book!

ABA Wizard is an affordable, comprehensive, and convenient study resource to help you succeed. 


Whether you're on a budget or simply seeking a convenient study tool, ABA Wizard has you covered. Empower yourself with this app and approach your BCBA® test with confidence.


Take the first step towards success in the field of ABA with this efficient and affordable study solution for BCBA® test preparation.

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Thousands of Happy BCBA Customers

Woman using the ABA Wizard study app on her tablet iPad

This app is amazing. I love that it provides references when you select an incorrect response and provides a detailed definition of the correct response as well as the reference. I have recommended this app to all my classmates in my cohort and so far we have all loved it...



The ABA Wizard app covers every item from the BACB® Fifth Edition Task List including Basic Behavior-Analytic Skills, Client, Centered Responsibilities, and Foundational Knowledge.

ABA Wizard study app on phone showcasing app home screen
ABA Wizard study app on phone showcasing a practice question example

With over 1400 practice questions, you have a lot of content to go through! Get through it quickly with only 10 questions on each quiz. EVERY QUIZ HAS ONLY 10 QUESTIONS. This consistency lets you create a study plan and predict how long each quiz will take you to master.



While using the ABA Wizard app you will be given immediate feedback when you answer questions incorrectly. This will include a brief explanation, and a reference for where you can find more information.

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"Mastery" is defined as getting 10/10 on EVERY quiz in the app. When you get less than 10/10 on a quiz the quiz turns orange. Once you get 10/10 the quiz turns green, and it is totalled on the home page tracking system and progress bar.

"Star" your favorite quizzes on areas you need improvement to find them quickly on the home page.


ABA Wizard study app on phone showcasing "Favorite Quizzes" section

No Subscription Fees

Buy the app once for only $14.99 USD.

No need to worry about recurring payments or sneaky subscriptions. 

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The ABA Wizard App is owned by Test Prep Technologies, LLC.  Test Prep Technologies, LLC is not owned by or associated with the BACB®. 

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