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ABA Wizard
BCBA® Mock Exams

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$29 Each
or $59 for 3

Introducing our BCBA® Mock Exams - the ultimate preparation resource to ensure your success on the BCBA® exam! 

Don't leave your success to chance. Get the edge you need with our BCBA® Mock Exams and approach the real exam day with confidence and readiness. Prepare to achieve your BCBA® certification and take the next step in your career as a skilled behavior analyst.

For a Limited Time!

Try our mocks:
FREE BCBA® practice exam questions

Everybody loves free things!

We've taken our most difficult questions from our mock exams (based on the percentage of people who gave the wrong answers!) and created a free PDF with a mini study guide. 

Quiz yourself with these free BCBA® practice exam questions to gauge your knowledge of ABA.

There will be an answer key at the bottom with explanations to each question. Our full-length BCBA® practice exams also have an explanation for each question, with Cooper book references.

Enter your information to gain access to this free PDF that you can download and print to kickstart your ABA studying journey.

BCBA® Practice Questions:

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Studies show that students who take a mock exam are more likely to pass the real one.

ABA Wizard currently offers 3 expertly created  mock exams that closely resemble the actual exam. There have been studies that looked at the data of some learners who studied and took a practice test and compared it to their peers who studied and did not take a practice test.

Those who took a practice test scored on average much higher than  those who did not (Butler, 2010). See the graph below comparing test scores between those who took a practice test and those who did not. 

Butler, A. C. (2010). Repeated testing produces superior transfer of learning relative to  repeated studying. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and  Cognition, 36(5), 1118–1133.


Here's the Data!

Think you can measure up to the average test taker?

Mock Exam A icon

Mock Exam A


Exam A might be our toughest practice test out of the three if you base it on the numbers!

Mock Exam B icon

Mock Exam B


All different questions, still just as challenging as practice exam A!

Mock Exam C icon

Mock Exam C


All different questions from the first two! Round out your knowledge with all three tests!

*Average score data as of Sept. 2023

ABA Wizard's
BCBA® Practice Test FAQ:

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$29 Each
or $59 for 3

Are you looking for a BCABA® mock exam?

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a BCaBA® mock exam available at this time. We may add this feature in the future. Please enter your name below to be the first to know when we release a BCaBA® practice test.

BCaBA Mock Exam

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Did you know we have an RBT® mock exam?

Whether you are a BCBA® trying to find a resource for your RBTs® or a prospective behavior technician yourself, our RBT® mock exam is a great way to study for the real thing.

For those embarking on their journey to become Registered Behavior Technicians® (RBTs), our Practice RBT® Exam is an inexpensive and valuable study tool.

We believe that quality preparation materials should be accessible to all, so our RBT® mock exam is available for only $20 USD.

Modern Love

We may have the best BCBA® mock exams on the market, but we don't stop at BCBA® Mock Exams. ABA Wizard also offers an RBT® Mock Exam to assist those on the path to becoming Registered Behavior Technicians®. And here's the cherry on top: we provide a PDF preview of free RBT® practice exam questions from our RBT® Mock Exam. These resources are designed to help you excel in your RBT® certification journey.

At ABA Wizard, we believe in equipping you with the tools you need to succeed. Our BCBA® Mock Exams and RBT® Mock Exam, along with the free PDF preview, offer a comprehensive and affordable solution to prepare for your certification. Don't leave your success to chance – trust ABA Wizard to guide you on your path to becoming a certified behavior analyst or technician.

Ready to take your next step towards certification? Explore our Mock BCBA® and practice RBT® Exams today, and embrace your journey with confidence.

Want to try our RBT® practice exam for free?

We created a pdf of free RBT® practice questions so you can try the RBT® practice test free!

Try it out and see if ABA Wizard mocks are right for you and your ABA study journey.

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