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Bringing today's research to your ears.

Introducing the ABA Wizard Podcast - your go-to resource for staying up-to-date with the latest research in behavior analysis!


We understand the challenge of finding time to read journal articles, especially when it's crucial for ethical practice. That's why we've created this podcast to make it easier for you.

Tune in to our episodes where we delve into cutting-edge research and have insightful conversations with the authors themselves. Stay informed and engaged with the field of ABA, all through the convenience of free audio content.


Whether you're a BCBA® or BCaBA®, this podcast is your gateway to staying current in the world of behavior analysis. Don't miss out on this valuable resource - it's like having a free audiobook at your fingertips!

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It can be fun to listen to edgy, modern podcasts about ABA.
We're not one of those podcasts.

We decided to make a podcast focussing on modern research articles. We understand that navigating the JABA® website can be annoying/daunting/time consuming.

Instead, we bring the research to you, where you can listen to the data and learn something new in your spare time!

So come learn about modern behavior analysis studies, published articles, and the researchers that published the data.


to ABA Wizard

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Want to earn a CEU when you listen to our podcast?

We've developed CEUs (continuing education units) based on our podcast episodes!

You can listen, answer a few questions, then you can claim your personalized digital CEU certificate that you can upload directly to your BACB® portal, and check off one of your CEUs!

Learning more about ABA has never been so simple.

Plus, you can try your first CEU free, then $10 per unit. Or you can buy our bundle: 8 units for $49!

Our podcast is, of course, always free to listen to, but if you'd like to earn your CEU certificate, we recommend trying our BCBA® CEU program to get those units submitted before you need to re-certify!

ABA Wizard is ACE® certified.

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