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You've heard of SAFMEDS,
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Begin by typing out each term or definition in the order presented.


Challenge yourself to type the items as swiftly as you can while maintaining accuracy.


Time yourself to gauge how quickly you can type all the terms. Aim to reduce your typing time with each round of TAFMEDS.


Like SAFMEDS, consistency is essential. Practice your TAFMEDS daily to develop fluency with key behavior analytic terms.


To prevent rote memorization, our study software system will shuffle the order of the terms for each TAFMEDS session.

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SAFMEDS stands for "Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled." They are a systematic and efficient study tool for people studying in the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA).

SAFMEDS are typically comprised of a set of flashcards, each featuring a specific term, definition, or concept. The goal is to become fluent in recalling these items rapidly.


The SAFMEDS Process

  1. Say All: Start by saying each term or definition on the flashcards aloud and in the order they are presented.

  2. Fast: Work on your speed by saying the items as quickly as possible while maintaining accuracy.

  3. Minute: Time yourself to see how quickly you can recite all the terms. The aim is to reduce the time taken for each round of SAFMEDS.

  4. Every Day: Consistency is key. Practice your SAFMEDS every day to reinforce your memory and fluency.

  5. Shuffled: To prevent rote memorization, shuffle the order of the flashcards regularly.


SAFMEDS promote active recall, a learning technique that enhances memory and long-term retention. By actively retrieving information from memory, you reinforce your understanding of the material.

The rapid-fire nature of SAFMEDS encourages fluency, where you can recall information without hesitation. This is vital for the BCBA exam, as it's timed and demands quick, accurate responses.

SAFMEDS are also time-efficient. You can practice them in short, focused bursts, making them ideal for busy schedules. Just a few minutes a day can boost your ABA fluency and prepare you well for the BCBA® exam.

writing on flashcards SAFMEDS study ABA notes

Simplify your studying with Our digital SAFMEDS 

WHAT's THE difference between SAFMEDS and TAFMEDS?

SAFMEDS and TAFMEDS are both valuable study tools used within the realm of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), but they differ in their execution.

SAFMEDS stands for

"Say All fast minute every day shuffled."

The SAFMEDS studying technique involves a set of flashcards, each featuring a specific term or concept. The learner's goal is to rapidly articulate each term as quickly as possible, with a focus on speed and accuracy. SAFMEDS promotes active recall and fluency in spoken responses, essential skills for timed exams like the BCBA or RBT certification tests.

TAFMEDS stands for

"type All fast minute every day shuffled."

This approach is only slightly different to SAFMEDS, with the "flashcards" being entirely digital. This innovative approach involves typing out the terms or concepts as quickly as possible instead of speaking them. This can be beneficial if you like to study in a public setting but want to stay quiet (not speaking aloud in your crowded office, for example). 

TAFMEDS empowers ABA learners to recall information accurately and swiftly through the act of typing.



Are you preparing for the BCBA® Exam?

Looking for a unique and effective study tool to boost your readiness? Meet TAFMEDS, a game-changing resource that leverages typing to enhance your knowledge and fluency. In this guide, we'll dive into what TAFMEDS is, how it works, and why it's a powerful addition to your BCBA exam preparation toolkit.

Introducting Tafmeds:
What does it stand for?

TAFMEDS stands for "Type All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled." It's a novel study method developed within the field of applied behavior analysis (ABA). TAFMEDS involves a set of digital flashcards, each featuring a specific term, definition, or concept. The aim is to become fluent in rapidly typing out these items.

WHY Tafmeds is a
game-changer for BCBA exam prep:

  • Active Recall: TAFMEDS promotes active recall, a powerful learning technique that enhances memory and long-term retention. By actively typing information from memory, you reinforce your understanding of the material.

  • Fluency Building: TAFMEDS encourages fluency in typing, a crucial skill for the BCBA exam. It empowers you to communicate your knowledge quickly and accurately.

  • Efficient Study: TAFMEDS is a time-efficient tool. You can practice it in short, focused bursts, making it ideal for busy schedules.

Our Tips for Getting started with tafmeds

1. Gather your materials

Purchase your access to your TAFMEDS flashcards through ABA Wizard.

2. Set a schedule

Dedicate sa few minutes each day for TAFMEDS practice to fully harness its potential.

3. Track your progress

Maintain records of the time it takes to complete rounds of TAFMEDS. You'll witness your progress and growth over time.

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UP TO 50%

You can save 50% when you purchase 12 months of unlimited access to our TAFMEDS study system.

is the future of studying

TAFMEDS is a revolutionary study tool that can significantly enhance your BCBA exam preparation. By promoting active recall, fluency in typing, and efficient study, TAFMEDS empowers you to master the necessary content. Incorporate TAFMEDS into your daily study routine, and watch your readiness for the BCBA exam soar. Don't leave your success to chance – trust ABA Wizard to guide you on your path to becoming a certified behavior analyst.

Ready to take your BCBA® exam prep to the next level?


"Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled" (SAFMEDS) has long been recognized as a powerful teaching technique within the realm of behavior analysis. It operates much like traditional flashcards, aiding in the development of familiarity with course material and, crucially, promoting fluency in the verbal repertoire aligned with the content. While SAFMEDS is invaluable, the precision teaching community has explored innovative ways to enhance its effectiveness.

Enter "Type All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled" (TAFMEDS).

This adaptation of SAFMEDS introduces a novel approach – it emphasizes the importance of typing the terms or concepts swiftly. As the digital age continues to transform how we learn, TAFMEDS leverages technology, making it a prime candidate for the digital era.

In a recent study conducted across multiple sections of an undergraduate Introduction to Behavior Principles course, the use of TAFMEDS with computerized charting demonstrated promising results. Daily TAFMEDS practice exhibited correlations with enhanced performance frequencies, and these benefits extended into long-term outcomes, including maintenance, endurance, stability, application, and generativity.

This study sheds light on the potential of TAFMEDS as an advanced tool for building fluency and proficiency in behavior-analytic terminology. It not only underscores the advantages of frequency-based instruction but also highlights the role of technology in advancing these methods. As the field of behavior analysis continues to evolve, TAFMEDS emerges as a transformative technique, promising to empower learners and educators alike on their quest for ABA mastery.

Lovitz ED, Cihon TM, Eshleman JW. Exploring the Effects of Daily, Timed, and Typed Technical Term Definition Practice on Indicators of Fluency. Behav Anal Pract. 2020 Nov 30;14(3):704-727. doi: 10.1007/s40617-020-00481-4. PMID: 34631375; PMCID: PMC8458553.

Click here to read more about the study.

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