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Only $19

Prepare for your Registered Behavior Technician® examination with the RBT® Mock Exam from ABA Wizard!

Our all-new mock exam is tailor-made for the best RBT® exam preparation, offering a comprehensive set of challenging questions to boost your confidence and sharpen your skills.

Put your knowledge to the test and excel on exam day! Don't miss out on the opportunity to succeed in your RBT® journey. Get your Mock RBT® Exam from ABA Wizard today and be fully prepared!

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We designed the exam to look just like the real thing:
  • 90 minutes to complete

  • 1 question displayed at a time

  • Easily toggle between questions and change answers

  • We recommend taking the exam from a computer to more closely resemble the actual exam

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ABA Wizard currently offers expertly curated mock exam that closely resemble the actual exam. There have been studies that looked at the data of some learners who studied and took a practice test and compared it to their peers who studied and did not take a practice test.

Those who took a practice test scored on average much higher than  those who did not (Butler, 2010). See the graph below comparing test scores between those who took a practice test and those who did not. 

Butler, A. C. (2010). Repeated testing produces superior transfer of learning relative to  repeated studying. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and  Cognition, 36(5), 1118–1133.

Don't leave your RBT® certification to chance.

Trust the data, trust our expertise, and trust our RBT practice exams. Join the countless candidates who have benefited from our realistic simulations and start your journey toward becoming a Registered Behavior Technician® today.

Why Are Registered Behavior Technicians® Vital to the Field of Applied Behavior Analysis?

The ABA Wizard RBT® Practice Exam Does More Than Just Give You a Quick Preview!

Familiarity equals confidence, bestie!

Our RBT® practice exam is designed to mimic the actual test format and content. By taking this practice exam, you will become more familiar with the types of questions, time constraints, and overall structure of the RBT® certification exam. Gaining familiarity with the structure, content, and format of the RBT® practice exam can go a long way in relieving (at least some of!) the anxiety and stress that often comes with the actual test day. With our practice exam, we strive to provide a realistic simulation of the actual testing conditions. Similar time constraints and multiple-choice formatting are some of the biggest similarities. Simulating the testing environment in advance helps you predict and adapt to the actual test day.

Let's boost those confidence levels with the ABA Wizard RBT® Mock Exam!

Practice exams are like diagnostic tools. They help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Specifically, you can identify your weak spots in each area of behavior analysis covered by the RBT® exam. Once you know where you need to improve, you can focus your study efforts more effectively. With insights gained from your practice exam performance (whether good or bad), you can tailor your study plan to focus on areas that need improvement. This targeted approach can make your study prep time more efficient. (Work smarter, not harder, right?)

Let's diagnose your weak spots.

Reduce your test anxiety.

One of the main reasons people struggle with exams is anxiety. The nervous sweat and shaking hands will do nothing to help you succeed! When you've already experienced a similar testing situation through a practice exam, you're more likely to manage your anxiety effectively on the actual exam day. You'll be more likely to gain confidence in your understanding of behavior analysis concepts. This confidence is not just beneficial for the exam but also for your future role as an RBT®.

Our practice exams may allow you to develop and refine test-taking strategies. You can learn how to manage your time, approach challenging questions, and eliminate incorrect answer choices systematically.

Repetition is a key to effective learning. Taking an RBT practice exam reinforces the knowledge and skills you've acquired during your training. It helps nail down your cognitive recall. You'll be able to apply this knowledge when it matters most.

Build up your test-taking strategies and boost your knowledge.

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Investing in ABA Wizard's RBT® practice exam is a strategic move that can only benefit yourself as you move towards your RBT® certification.

It not only prepares you for the exam's content but also equips you with valuable test-taking skills and the confidence needed to succeed and shine. Consider an RBT® practice exam as a vital tool to ensure your success in becoming a certified Registered Behavior Technician®.

BT Exam
ABA Study App

ABA Wizard's RBT® study app has all the terminology you'll need to pass your certification. 

ABA Wizard's RBT Study App is a comprehensive and flexible tool designed to help you build a strong foundation in ABA principles.

Here's what makes it an invaluable resource:

  • 320 Practice Questions: With a substantial bank of practice questions, you'll have ample opportunities to test your knowledge and improve your understanding of essential concepts.

  • Progress Tracking: The app features a user-friendly progress bar, allowing you to monitor your advancement as you work through the questions. It's an excellent way to identify strengths and areas that need more attention.

  • Favorites Section: Mark questions as favorites to revisit them later. This feature is particularly useful for revising challenging topics or for a quick review before the exam.

  • No Subscription: ABA Wizard believes in transparency and affordability. The RBT Study App requires just a one-time payment of $10 USD. No hidden fees or recurring subscriptions.


ABA Wizard's RBT® practice test is a great way to gauge your preparedness for the real test.

As your certification exam day approaches, you'll want to experience a simulated exam environment to calm your nerves and build your confidence. ABA Wizard's RBT Mock Exam provides precisely that:

  • Closely Mimics the Real Exam: The RBT Mock Exam is designed to closely resemble the actual RBT certification exam. This alignment ensures that you're fully prepared for the format, question types, and time constraints you'll encounter on the big day.

  • 90-Minute Timer: Just like the real RBT certification exam, our mock exam comes with a 90-minute timer. This allows you to practice time management and ensures you can complete the exam comfortably.

  • 85 Total Questions: The mock exam includes 85 challenging questions, offering a comprehensive review of the material. It's the perfect way to assess your readiness for the certification exam.

  • Affordability: For all these benefits, the RBT Mock Exam is available at an affordable price of $19 USD.


The Winning Combination:
RBT Study App +
RBT Mock Exam

Using both the RBT® Study App and the RBT® Mock Exam is like having a one-two punch in your corner. The study app helps you learn and understand the material thoroughly, while the mock exam simulates the actual testing conditions, ensuring you're fully prepared for the exam's format and time constraints.

In your quest to become an RBT®, invest in your success with these trusted tools from ABA Wizard. Together, they'll guide you towards certification with confidence and competence. Don't miss out on this winning combination; start your RBT® certification journey today.

Tips on how to prepare for the RBT® Certification

Becoming a Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT) is a significant milestone for those who wish to pursue a career in applied behavior analysis. Not only is it a great first step into the world of ABA, you will be able to ascertain whether ABA is the right field for you!

To achieve this goal, one must pass the RBT® exam! An examination sounds scary and demanding and daunting, but we're here to give you some tips on how to prepare for the exam. However, with the right strategies, it will be able to be manageable and you'll be rewarded with success.

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Take an Online RBT® Practice Exam

One of the most popular as well as beneficial methods of ABA study is to take an RBT® practice exam. ABA Wizard's test closely simulate the actual exam, allowing you to become familiar with the format, types of questions, and time constraints you may experience on test day. Taking an RBT® practice test helps in building confidence and reducing test-day anxiety.

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Try Different Study Methods

Consider employing various study aids and techniques to reinforce key ABA concepts and terms. Flashcards, mnemonic devices, and visual aids can be particularly helpful in retaining information.

Active learning techniques, such as teaching the material to someone else or discussing it with a study partner, can enhance your learning and retention of the material.

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Study the RBT® Task List

To establish a firm foundation with your understanding of ABA practices, a great place to start would be to review the current RBT® Task List, which is provided by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board®. The RBT® Task List provides the core content you should expect on the exam. Make sure you dedicate time to review and comprehend each item on the Task List. Doing so will ensure you are well-prepared to address any question related to these topics.

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Practice on a Computer

Whenever possible, practice on a computer rather than a phone or tablet. This practice mimics the actual exam format, allowing candidates to become comfortable with the computer-based testing environment. It also helps with your focus, as you can put your phone away and avoid distracting messages or notifications from interrupting your study session.

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Dedicate a Distraction-Free Study Space to the Cause!

Studying for the RBT® exam in purposeful, quiet space is essential for effective test prep. Minimize distractions and establish a calming environment to cultivate your ability to absorb ABA terms, principles, and practices.

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Prioritize Your Mental and Emotional  Health

A well-rested mind is a happy mind, and you will be more receptive to learning. Adequate sleep, along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle through balanced nutrition and regular physical activity, supports optimal cognitive function. So, go on a walk, eat healthy snacks, and take a nap when you are feeling overwhelmed!

Deep breathing or meditation can help manage stress from the RBT® exam.


Are you gearing up for the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) certification exam? Success on the RBT exam hinges on thorough preparation and practice. ABA Wizard is here to help you achieve that success with our comprehensive RBT Mock Exam.


Our RBT Mock Exam is designed to closely emulate the real RBT certification exam. You'll experience the same format and timed conditions, allowing you to become familiar with the test environment.


With 85 total questions, you'll have the opportunity to test your knowledge on a wide range of RBT exam topics. This comprehensive approach ensures you're well-prepared for any question that may come your way.


Gauge your progress and identify areas of weakness that need improvement. ABA Wizard provides detailed performance reports after you take the practice exam, allowing you to focus your study efforts effectively.


While we don't offer a full free RBT practice exam, we do provide a complimentary PDF containing sample questions. These questions offer a sneak peek into the type of content you can expect on the RBT exam.

Prepare for your RBT certification exam with confidence. ABA Wizard's RBT Mock Exam is your comprehensive, realistic, and performance-tracking solution for mastering the test. Get started today and take that crucial step towards your RBT certification.

Not sure you want to commit to buying our practice test?

You can try ABA Wizard's RBT Exam Practice Test for FREE.

Access our FREE RBT® Mock Exam PDF to get a taste of what we offer. Simply fill out the form with your email to receive your free mini study guide with sample questions. This sample will give you a glimpse of ABA Wizard's RBT® mock exam and help you decide if it's the right choice for you.

Invest in your success

Investing in ABA Wizard's RBT® practice exam can make a significant difference in your journey toward RBT® certification. It goes beyond preparing you for the exam's content; it equips you with valuable test-taking skills and the confidence needed to succeed.

An RBT® practice exam is a vital tool to ensure your success in becoming a certified Registered Behavior Technician®.

Our RBT® test practice exam is designed to closely mimic the actual test format and content. By taking this practice exam, you'll become more familiar with different aspects of the real exam that you can expect. They are both timed, have the same kind of questions, and structured the same, as it is up-to-date with the current task list. This familiarity can also help reduce the anxiety and stress. With our RBT® practice exam, we hope to provide a realistic simulation of the testing conditions.

Practice exams serve as diagnostic tools, helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can pinpoint areas in behavior analysis covered by the RBT® exam where you need to improve, and it is easy to do so when you organize the questions by task list section. Going forward, you can tailor your study plan to focus on areas that need more help. This targeted approach makes your study prep time more efficient.

Taking an RBT practice test can also help reduce test anxiety. By experiencing a similar testing situation through a practice exam, you're more likely to manage your anxiety effectively on the actual exam day. This boost in confidence extends not only to the exam but to your future role as an RBT®.

Invest in your success with ABA Wizard's RBT® practice exam, and combine it with our study app for a comprehensive learning experience. Our study app offers 320 practice questions, progress tracking, a favorites section, and requires just a one-time payment of $10 USD. Together, these tools provide a winning combination for your RBT certification journey.

When preparing for the RBT® certification exam, take an online RBT® practice exam to get a feel for the format and time constraints. This will not only boost your confidence but also help reduce test-day anxiety. Try various study methods and consider using flashcards, mnemonic devices, and active learning techniques to reinforce your knowledge of ABA concepts and terms.

Remember to prioritize your sleep, as studying and learning are less effective when you're sleep-deprived. A well-rested mind is more receptive to learning and has better focus. Lastly, avoid strategies like rereading and highlighting text, as they have been found to be less effective for retaining learning content.

Invest in your success, prepare effectively, and tackle the RBT® exam with confidence and competence. Start your RBT certification journey with ABA Wizard today!

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