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BCBA® Supervision Made Easy with ABA Wizard

For Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBAs), supervising aspiring behavior analysts is not just a professional responsibility; it’s an opportunity to shape the future of the field and make sure we are training them with good, effective practices.

ABA Wizard’s Total Learning System is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline this process, offering a structured and efficient method for supervisors to train their supervisees, making it easier for you to focus on the actual training and your own caseload, instead of hours of prep work. Here’s why this system is a game-changer for current BCBAs and their trainees.

Streamlined Learning Process

ABA Wizard’s Total Learning System is meticulously aligned with the current BACB Task List (or Test Content Outline), ensuring that all critical areas of behavior analysis are covered. This alignment means supervisors can effortlessly guide their trainees through each task list item, ensuring a thorough and systematic approach to learning. The structured format removes the guesswork from the supervision process, allowing BCBAs to focus more on mentoring and less time spent on prepping for supervising sessions.

Comprehensive Content Coverage

The Total Learning System offers an extensive range of learning materials - including video lectures, detailed text explanations, and interactive quizzes. Each section begins with a clear and concise video lecture, providing examples and explaining complex concepts in simple terms. This is particularly beneficial for supervisees who are visual or auditory learners.

The accompanying text materials serve as an excellent review source, ensuring that trainees can revisit the content as needed to reinforce their understanding.

Engaging and Interactive Features

Each task list item is not only explained but there is also a practice mini quiz for each section, making sure the supervisee can retain the information and test their knowledge. These interactive elements engage the trainees actively, making the learning process more dynamic and effective. For supervisors, this means less time spent creating tests and quizzes and more time focused on discussing the results and providing personalized feedback. We recommend supervisors discuss each section with the person they are supervising, going over the material repeatedly if the section happens to be a weak spot for them.

Efficient Tools make BCBA Supervision easier

The Total Learning System is designed to maximize efficiency in supervision. By following the pre-organized order of task list items, supervisors can ensure that no essential topics are missed during training. This organized approach saves time and ensures consistency across different training sessions. It also provides a clear roadmap of progress, which can be incredibly motivating for supervisees.

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For current BCBAs, ABA Wizard’s Total Learning System offers a comprehensive, efficient, and interactive tool for supervising and training future behavior analysts. It simplifies the supervision process while ensuring a high-quality learning experience that is engaging and thorough. By leveraging this study module, BCBAs can enhance their training programs, reduce preparation time, and focus more on the crucial aspects of mentorship and professional development.

Whether you’re a seasoned BCBA or newly certified, integrating ABA Wizard’s Total Learning System into your training regimen can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your supervision and contribute positively to the professional growth of your supervisees. Do yourself a favor and invest in the Total Learning System for you and your supervisees.

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