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Pass the BCBA® Exam with Top-notch Study Materials

Preparing for the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA®) exam is a challenging yet rewarding journey. Success on the BCBA® exam depends on not only your dedication and hard work but also the quality of study materials you use. At ABA Wizard, we understand the importance of having the right resources to help you succeed.

Why ABA Wizard Started Making BCBA® Study Materials

ABA Wizard was started years ago because I was not satisfied with the materials available to me. I thought they were too expensive for what I got, and I didn't like the subscription-based models. Although I did pass and became a BCBA®, I first created the ABA Wizard study app to download for a small price, to give all prospective behavior analysts a chance to be able to study for the big BCBA® exam, without spending hundreds of dollars (like I felt I had to). Below I will introduce the other study materials ABA Wizard has produced since, and why they will help you on your study journey.

ABA Wizard: The Top BCBA® Exam Study App

The OG of ABA Wizard and one of our most popular products because of the affordability and professional content. Our BCBA® Exam study app is a comprehensive resource designed to cover all the topics you need to know for the exam. Rated 4.8 stars in the app store, it provides a structured approach to understanding the core concepts of applied behavior analysis (ABA), ethics, and practical application. The ABA study app includes:

  • More the 1400 practice questions

  • Progress bar

  • Favorites tab

  • No subscriptions, just a one-time payment to download on Google Play or the App Store

Why it helps:

This study app offers a clear and organized way to learn and review the essential BCBA® exam content. It not only ensures you grasp the fundamentals but also helps you practice with simple sample questions, making you well-prepared for the exam. Click here to go to the product page.

BCBA Flashcards: Say Goodbye to SAFMEDS and Hello to TAFMEDS

Our BCBA® TAFMEDS Flashcards are a valuable tool for quick and efficient review of important concepts. These flashcards cover a wide range of topics, including behavior assessment, intervention strategies, measurement, and ethics. The flashcards include:

  • Key terms and definitions

  • 17 different decks that you can shuffle

  • 250 essential ABA terms to memorize

Why it helps:

TAFMEDS and SAFMEDS are ideal for busy students who need to make the most of their study time. They help reinforce your memory of essential terms and concepts and provide easy access to additional explanations and resources. Click here to go to the product page.

BCBA® Mock Exams

Practice makes perfect, and our BCBA® Mock Exams (also called practice exams) are designed to give you the real exam experience. These practice exams closely mimic the format and difficulty level of the actual BCBA exam. They include:

  • Timed to simulate real test conditions

  • Variety of question types (multiple-choice, scenario-based, and more)

  • Detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answers, separated into task list sections

  • Can be paused and resumed later

Why it helps:

Taking practice exams is a vital part of your preparation. Our practice exams not only help you get accustomed to the exam format but also identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to focus your study efforts where needed. Click here to go to the product page.

THE ULTIMATE DEAL: BCBA® Full Study Course with Video Lectures

You get the most bang for your buck here! Although more expensive than our other products, it also includes the most content! Our BCBA® full study course, named the Total Learning System, includes video lectures and bonus practice questions. Each section is modeled after the current Task List or Test Content Outline. You also have access to all three of our mock exams and TAFMEDS, making this an amazing deal with lots of great content. This BCBA® study course provides an engaging way to learn and understand complex topics. The video lectures are taught by an experienced BCBA-certified instructor and cover a wide range of subjects. They include:

  • In-depth explanations of challenging topics

  • Real-life case studies and examples

  • Visual aids and diagrams for better comprehension

  • Accessible on any device for convenient learning

Why it helps:

The Total Learning System has everything you need to study effectively. Video lectures are especially beneficial for visual and auditory learners. They provide an interactive and dynamic way to grasp challenging BCBA® concepts, making your study sessions more engaging and effective. The inclusion of our mocks and TAFMEDS make it an amazing bundle deal. Click here to view the product page.

ABA Wizard BCBA Total Learning System full study course with video lectures, viewed on computer screen

Success with your BCBA® exam, whether you are taking it the first time or attempting it for a 5th time, largely depends on your commitment to studying and the quality of your study materials. You can be assured that ABA Wizard's BCBA exam study materials, including the Study App, TAFMEDS Digital Flashcards, BCBA® Mock Exams, and Total Learning System, are designed to help you succeed. By using these resources, you can build a solid foundation, simulate the exam experience, and build up your understanding of ABA principles and terms, ultimately increasing your chances of passing the BCBA® exam and advancing in your career in applied behavior analysis.

Don't wait; start preparing today with our top-notch BCBA® exam study materials!

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