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The Best BCBA® Guided Study Course: The Total Learning System

When starting to prepare for the BCBA® (Board Certified Behavior Analyst®) exam, it can at first feel like a daunting journey. Maybe you have a few months, or up to a year to prepare for the big exam. Either way, it can be frightening, fraught with complex concepts and voluminous study materials. How do you know which study product to choose? The path to becoming a certified behavior analyst is challenging, yet immensely rewarding, paving the way for a fulfilling career in applied behavior analysis. The world needs more behavior analysts, and I'm so glad you have decided to take the plunge! The best way to study for the test is with our curated products. I myself have studied and passed the BCBA® exam, and decided soon after to create BCBA® study materials that are affordable, as well as the best quality.

What's Included?

The Total Learning System grants access to:

  • ABA Wizard's 3-Pack Mock Exams

    • You'll have access to our each of our mocks A, B, and C! (Typically $29 USD each.)

  • Task List Breakdown

    • Each Task List item is broken down into simple terms and examples so you can understand the key principles of ABA. Also benefit from exclusive bonus practice questions!


    • Test yourself with our TAFMEDS! Type as fast as you can and familiarize yourself with ABA terms when you use our digital flashcards. (Regular price $10 USD per month.)

  • Engaging Video Lectures

    • Exclusive to the Total Learning System and specially curated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts®, auditory and visual learners can learn much from our lecture videos.

Test that says "Total Learning System, the best full BCBA course"

Presenting the Total Learning System by ABA Wizard, a beacon of hope for aspirants seeking a structured, effective, and comprehensive guided study course. I am proud of the course we have created and excited to share with prospective BCBAs®.

Here's why the Total Learning System stands out as the best BCBA® guided study course on the market...

graphic showing screenshot of Total Learning System with 1 section for each task list item and video lecture for each section.

Comprehensive Coverage: Total Question Breakdown

The BCBA® exam covers a broad spectrum of topics, from the basic principles of behavior analysis to complex applied topics. The Total Learning System meticulously breaks down each item on the 5th Edition Task List (or the 6th Edition Test Content Outline) into digestible, simple terms.

Every single Task List item contains:

  • A video lecture with examples and clear instruction. All this information is also in text form below the video for review purposes.

  • Any definitions you need to know.

  • Correlating TAFMEDS (ABA Wizard's digital SAFMEDS)

  • Question Breakdown: 1 question that could be on the exam, explained in detail about why the answer is the correct one (and the others are not). 

  • Bonus Quiz: 10-20 questions that test your knowledge on that section. 

This approach ensures that learners grasp the behavior analytic terms and concepts essential for the exam, making it an all-encompassing guide for both beginners and advanced learners who want a refresh.

text that says "TAFMEDS included"

Engaging Video Lectures with Text Review

Understanding that learners have varied preferences, ABA Wizard provides each section of the course in two formats: video lectures and text. The video lectures are designed with clear instruction and relevant examples to illustrate complex concepts, catering to visual and auditory learners. For those who prefer reading or require a quick review, the text format below each video reinforces the learning material, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

For optimal retention, this scientific study recommends the "Reading While Learning" method, AKA reading the text while listening to the lecturer.

test that says "each task list item = section breakdown"

Essential Definitions and Question Breakdown

The foundation of any successful study strategy is a solid understanding of the key terms and the ability to apply them. The Total Learning System includes all the necessary definitions, presenting them in an easy-to-understand format. Furthermore, it offers a unique question breakdown feature, where a potential exam question is analyzed in detail, explaining why one answer is correct and the others are not. This will help you understand the format of the real exam and how to pay attention to the setup of each question.

Bonus Quizzes!

Knowledge reinforcement and self-assessment are crucial components of effective learning. Each section of the Total Learning System concludes with a bonus quiz featuring 10 to 20 questions. These quizzes serve as a practical tool for learners to test their knowledge on the section's topics, providing immediate feedback and areas for improvement. These questions are not found in our mock exams or ABA Wizard app, ensuring fresh content to study!

text that says "one time payment for 12 months access, no recurring subscriptions"

One-time Investment, Lifetime Benefit

Unlike subscription-based models that can add financial strain over time, the Total Learning System is available for a one-time fee of $295 USD for 12 months of access to our 3-pack of mock exams, SAFMEDS flash cards, and everything described in this article! This investment grants unlimited access to a wealth of resources, making it a cost-effective solution for BCBA® exam preparation. The value of this comprehensive study aid extends beyond the exam itself, serving as a valuable reference throughout one's career in behavior analysis. We even have had customers purchase it who are already BCBAs®, but who want to refresh their knowledge.

supervisor and supervisee BCBA studying

The Best Study Guide for Supervisors

You may not have thought of this, but this is also a great resource for supervisors in the field! Are you supervising prospective BCBAs® and are struggling with lesson plans? The Total Learning System study guide is the perfect curated study program to go over each Task List item with your supervisees. Ensure success when you use ABA Wizard's course!

Empowering Success

The Total Learning System by ABA Wizard is not just a study course; it's a pathway to success on the BCBA® exam and beyond. By offering a structured, comprehensive, and engaging learning experience, it empowers candidates to approach the exam with confidence and competence. Whether you're juggling work, studies, or personal commitments, this guided study course fits seamlessly into your life, ensuring that every moment spent studying moves you closer to your goal. Studying a section or two per day will ensure the best retention of ABA material and boost your pass outcome.

person studying with notes in front of computer

In conclusion, the Total Learning System by ABA Wizard stands out as the best BCBA® guided study course for its comprehensive coverage, engaging learning formats, critical analysis of exam questions, and the invaluable quizzes for reinforcement. Invest in your future as a behavior analyst with the Total Learning System, and take the first step towards mastering the BCBA® exam with confidence and ease.

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