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Scientific Studies of Benefits of SAFMEDS Flashcards and TAFMEDS

In the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), proficiency and fluency in fundamental concepts are crucial, and it can take a lot of time and effort to fully study and comprehend these concepts. Two innovative study tools, SAFMEDS and TAFMEDS, are considered game-changers when studying ABA terms. While both aim at enhancing fluency, they differ in their approach, each offering unique benefits to learners.

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What are SAFMEDS flashcards?

SAFMEDS, an acronym for "Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled," is a traditional yet effective studying technique. It involves a physical set of flashcards, each featuring a specific term or concept crucial in ABA. The learner's task is simple yet challenging: to articulate each term as quickly and accurately as possible. This method isn't just about memorization; it's about achieving fluency in spoken responses, an essential skill for timed exams like the BCBA® (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) or RBT® (Registered Behavior Technician) certification tests. SAFMEDS are a very common and popular method of studying ABA concepts.

SAFMEDS (Say All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled) is recognized as an effective assessment and instructional strategy that originated in the late 1970s as an extension and improvement of traditional flashcards. Its effectiveness in enhancing learning outcomes has been the subject of various studies and research.

One of the key advantages of SAFMEDS is its emphasis on fluency. This approach encourages learners to quickly articulate or recall terms and concepts, which is beneficial for both memory retention and application in real-world scenarios, such as during examinations or practical applications in fields like medical education. A study conducted on medical students highlighted the effectiveness of SAFMEDS in improving musculoskeletal radiology interpretation, demonstrating its utility in high-stakes, professional environments. This study found that students who used SAFMEDS in addition to usual teaching showed significantly higher performance compared to those who only received standard teaching. This iterates the potential of SAFMEDS to enhance learning beyond traditional methods.

Moreover, SAFMEDS has been found to be socially valid from the perspectives of both teachers and students, indicating its acceptance and usefulness in educational settings. Teachers have reported benefits in implementing SAFMEDS in classrooms, noting its positive impact on student engagement and learning outcomes.

Are there Benefits of SAFMEDS?

As described above, there are many benefits to using SAFMEDS in your study routine.

1. Enhances Active Recall: By rapidly articulating terms, learners strengthen their memory and recall abilities.

2. Promotes Fluency: Speed and accuracy are key, preparing learners for the quick thinking needed in real-world ABA situations.

3. Adaptable Learning: The physical nature of flashcards allows for easy customization and personalization of the learning experience.

What are TAFMEDS?

ABA Wizard has all-digital ABA study tools for you to use from home or work to build your fluency and confidence when studying for the BCBA® or RBT® exams. So of course, we had to put our own twist on SAFMEDS and make TAFMEDS!

TAFMEDS, standing for "Type All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled," takes a modern twist on the SAFMEDS methodology. This digital approach requires learners to type out terms or concepts as swiftly as possible. This method is particularly beneficial for those who prefer studying in quieter environments, like a busy office or a public library. ABA Wizard's TAFMEDS, priced at a reasonable $10 per month, offers a technologically advanced way to enhance learning. You can also get major discounts if you purchase multiple months-access!

Advantages of TAFMEDS:

This article investigates the benefits and impacts of using TAFMEDS (Type All Fast Minute Every Day Shuffled) in an educational setting. Key benefits of TAFMEDS identified in this study include:

  • Improvement in Learning Efficiency: The study demonstrates that TAFMEDS can effectively enhance the efficiency of learning technical terms, particularly in higher education settings.

  • Enhanced Fluency and Retention: The practice of typing out terms and definitions contributes to increased fluency and retention of the learned material, which is crucial for both academic success and practical application of knowledge.

  • Fosters Active Recall: Like SAFMEDS, TAFMEDS promotes the use of active recall, but through typing. This method is beneficial for reinforcing learning and improving the ability to recall information quickly and accurately.

  • Convenience and Accessibility: The digital nature of TAFMEDS allows for easy access and practice, making it a convenient tool for students and professionals who may have limited time for studying. You can access ABA Wizard's TAFMEDS system anywhere you have a computer (or phone) and the internet.

  • Alignment with Digital Examination Formats: As many exams and professional certifications are now conducted digitally, practicing with TAFMEDS aligns well with these formats, helping learners to become more comfortable with computer-based testing environments. As a behavior analyst, you will be expected to type out behavior plans and knowing how to type these terms quickly can only help you in the long run!

  • Correlation with Academic Performance: The study found a positive correlation between regular practice with TAFMEDS and improved academic performance, indicating its effectiveness as a study tool.

  • Flexibility in Learning Environments: TAFMEDS is particularly useful for studying in environments where speaking aloud is not feasible, making it a versatile tool for diverse learning situations. (No need to bother your coworkers, roommates, or classmates. Studying with TAFMEDS is quiet, only producing the noise of your keyboard clicking away!)

Why Choose One When You Can Benefit from Both?

While SAFMEDS and TAFMEDS have their distinct features, they share a common goal: to build fluency and quick recall in ABA terms and concepts. We recognize that some learners like the physical aspect of holding the flashcards in your hands, while others prefer the digital convenience. Whichever you choose, integrating these tools into your study routine can significantly enhance your learning journey in ABA.

Remember, fluency in ABA concepts isn't just about passing exams; it's about being competent and confident in real-world scenarios. You want to be an effective behaviorist, not just one that barely passed. By incorporating SAFMEDS flashcards and digital TAFMEDS into your study habits, you're not just preparing for a test; you're preparing for a successful career in Applied Behavior Analysis.

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