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The ultimate digital study tools for prospective BCBAs®, BCaBAs®, and RBTs®.

Which ABA Test Prep Study Product are you looking for?

"I used the ABA Wizard app to pass my exam in 2021. I feel like your app was what led to my successful passing! Two years later I have my own clinic and supervise fieldwork for my staff pursuing their BCBA certifications. The first instruction I give them is to download the ABA Wizard app and conduct baseline on their knowledge of the task list items at the beginning of their journey to become a BCBA."


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Started from the bottom, now we're here...

We understand the amount of options for ABA study tools at different price points can be overwhelming to sift through to find the best one.


When I took the exam, I wish I had more affordable ABA study options, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a subscription. That's why I developed the ABA Wizard study app; because I knew there were more students out there like me that needed a more economic solution. 

The ABA Wizard study app was so well-received, and it has grown even more in popularity in the field of ABA. ABA Wizard is not just an app now, it is a brand familiar to many behavior analysts. 

Since creating our ABA study app, we have grown to include BCBA mock exams, an RBT mock exam, CEUs for BCBAs, a podcast, and another study app for behavior technicians. And soon, we will be adding a comprehensive BCBA mastery course with many unique features, with the goal of engaging content for studying, even when you are going at your own pace.

So, my behavior friends, welcome to ABA Wizard. We are so happy you're visiting us and we hope you find the ABA study tools you're looking for.

- Kylan Heiner


Welcome to ABA Wizard, your trusted destination for top-notch study tools and resources in Applied Behavior Analysis!


Our journey began in 2017 when we created the ABA Wizard study app with a simple wish - to have a convenient and budget-friendly tool to prepare for exams. We understood the frustration of spending hundreds of dollars on study modules and sought to provide an affordable alternative for aspiring behavior analysts like you.

Since then, our commitment to empowering behavioral learners has led us to expand our offerings beyond the study app. Today, we proudly offer a diverse range of resources, including a podcast for staying updated with the latest research in ABA, CEUs for professionals to maintain their certifications, mock exams to simulate the real test experience, and study tools for prospective registered behavior technicians.

Join the ABA Wizard family as we strive to make your learning experience in Applied Behavior Analysis as seamless, affordable, and effective as possible.

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ABA Wizard

BCBA Exam Prep

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BT Exam

RBT Exam Prep


The [ABA Wizard] app was great for fluency building!


I really like this ABA Wizard app because whenever I get an answer wrong it gives me the Cooper book definition on why it's wrong along with the pages I should study or refer back to. It's great!


This [ABA Wizard] app is a big reason why I passed my exam!


Just bought TAFMEDS! I wish this came out sooner!
The ABA Wizard app has been my bestie for years! Everything you put out is pure studying gold!


Wow. First I want to say thank you for existing! You made studying for this exam such an achievable goal!
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Total Learning System: Everything You Need to Study for the BCBA® Exam

Our Total Learning System is a comprehensive study guide to help you pass the BCBA® exam. You will receive access to all 3 of our BCBA® mock exams, TAFMEDS, curated video lectures, and bonus practice questions. Study at your own pace, and build your fluency with this amazing study program!

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It All Started With ABA Wizard: The Best BCBA® Study App

ABA Wizard was our first product that we released in 2017. In the years since, our app has grown in popularity and ABA Wizard is now a well-known brand in the field of behavior analysis.

ABA Wizard is considered one of the top ultimate study companions for BCBAs® and BCaBAs® and is rated 4.8 stars by over 3,000 happy behaviorists.

ABA Wizard study app has +1400 BCBA practice questions and is 5th Edition Task List compliant. We have a progress tracking bar so you can see how many quizzes you have mastery over.

Better yet, there are NO subscription fees! Buy ABA Wizard with one payment of $15 USD and use it forever!

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BCBA® Mock Exams:
Test Yourself

Our BCBA® mock exams imitate the real exam as closely as possible with 185 questions and a 4-hour time limit.

You will also receive feedback on ALL questions after the practice exam is completed, including references and explanations for each question & answer, so you can more easily identify your weak spots in your ABA knowledge and recalibrate your ABA study strategy moving forward.

Pairs well with the ABA Wizard study app, which helps build understanding of ABA terms and where you can build up those weak spots.

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BT Exam: ABA Study App for RBTS®

Prepare for the RBT exam with the ABA Wizard: BT Exam app. Rated 4.6 stars with over 400 reviews on the App Store, it is a valuable resource for prospective RBTs. 

Offered at a low cost of the one-time purchase of $10 USD and tailored to the current RBT® Task List, it offers 320 practice questions and a tracking bar for exam success. 

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RBT® Mock Exams:
Be Ready for the Real Exam

Our RBT® practice exams are only $20 USD. Each purchase grants 2 attempts where you can test yourself and your ABA knowledge. 

Our RBT practice exams imitate the real certification test. There's a 90 minute timer and 320 questions to complete in that time.

Continuing Education Units: Why do I need CEUs?

CEUs are super important for behavior analysts. A BCBA® needs 32 units every 2 years in order to re-certify and remain in good standing with the BACB®.

Our CEUs are only $10 USD each, and even less when you buy our bundles. Plus you can try our first CEU free! You'll get a personalized digital certificate after you complete your CEU course.

ABA Wizard is a certified ACE® provider.

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ABA Wizard is not affiliated or owned by the BACB® and is its own entity.

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