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Studying social work? MSW Wizard is the app for every social work student. It is centered on the current ASWB Exam Content Outline for the Masters exam, and any Social Work student will find value in the app. With 800 practice questions, you will be given unlimited access for the simple price to download the app. No subscription, and no hidden fees!

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Study everywhere with our easy to use app (both online and offline)! Some of the best times to study are when you are away from your computer or textbooks. Download the app and take advantage of every free moment you have. There is so much you need to know from the ASWB Exam Content Outline!

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Our app tracks which questions you have mastered, which ones you are working on, and which questions you haven’t tried yet. Master all of the content that could be on the exam by completing the app!


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Our app uses scientific strategies to promote learning. Immediate feedback is given for any incorrect response. You won’t need to guess if you got an answer correct or not. If you miss a question, you will be given a detailed explanation of the correct answer, along with a reference of where you can learn more about the topic. 


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